Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why upgrade to windows2012 Server

Your boss or your client always wants to know the following, “Why should we upgrade? Why should we spend more money?  What does it give us that we don’t already have? Will it save me money?”

Well, I turn this around and always start off saying “What you would like to be able to do with your server that you don’t already have as a feature?”  and 8 out 10 ten times I get nothing back. So instead of me listing 15 new features and getting excited about technology as we geeks do , I say to the client “ Here are  5 Features that will benefit your business”. I will then explain the features (below) and explain to the client why this would be a great purchase / upgrade.

In my labs, before completing my MCSA 2012, I tested many features and in today’s blog I am going to talk about five features and in the next blog tell  you  about many others.

Feature No 1 is the new networking technology - no more brocade or 3rd party NIC teaming tools that need updating or configuring.  You can do this natively inside the OS. This  means less management time/ setup ( script networking for large deployments).

Feature No 2 is Storage Spaces (SS) that is built in to Windows Server 2012. You don’t need to install it as a role or feature - SS is a storage subsystem for Windows Server 2012.  Storage Spaces is a collection of internal and external drives that can be placed into storage pools. Storage spaces can be created in the storage pools . Storage Spaces can be virtual hard drives (VHD) that are placed in the storage pools. The Storage Spaces are then presented to the operating system as volumes, looking just like a hard drive  - for instance the ‘H’ drive. The customer (or my boss) says “That’s brilliant but what does this mean?” My reply is that it will make use of cheaper storage options and will  more flexibility.

Feature No 3 is IP Address Management (IPAM). IPAM will automatically discover IP’s in the network - for example domain controllers; DHCP servers and DNS servers; and servers , it will provide functions such as, reporting, and management. Tracking can be customized and utilization data is available by IP address blocks, IP address ranges and individual IP addresses. So this gives the customer  a great tool which is much better than a manual spread-sheet that doesn’t discover anything for you or update.

Feature No 4 – De-duplication.  For years now, storage demand has been growing faster than hard drive density. Server 2012 supports de-duplication on NTFS volumes and deeply integrates it with BranchCache to save on WAN bandwidth. This will save on data bandwidth costs and storage cost on your SAN \ NAS.

Feature No 5 – BranchCache. In Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 BranchCache has not only been revamped but made easy!  I went to a “TECH-day UK” event  in Portsmouth when we had a demo , which was pain free - unlike Window 2008 r2. So the benefit for the business is that it takes about 5 % of the time to setup and actually works.

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